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Animal Face Photo Montage


Discover what animal is hidden in your personality, or prank your friends with hilarious picture montages you created on your own! Meet Animal Face Photo Montage, one of the top photo editing apps which you can use as a funny face changer. Simply choose on of your favorite pics or take a selfie anew, and put your face in hole to blend your pic with funny animals! Or make a prank with the images of your friends or family members and share it on your wall. Thanks to the built in option you can share your art of pics on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! This is never-ending fun, put animal faces on selfie pics and spend hours editing pictures! Imagine your face on a monkey template! Or blend your sister's head with cow's! Plenty of amusement awaits in Animal Face Photo Montage, download now and have fun every day!✧✧✧ Funny photo montage software for smartphones and tablets!✧✧✧ A great number of domestic and wild animal faces templates!✧✧✧ Choose from the gallery or take an image with your selfie camera!✧✧✧ Apply a face swap effect easily for best pranks!✧✧✧ Zoom in, zoom out, adjust your pic to the animal template!✧✧✧ Save your creation to the phone gallery!✧✧✧ Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks!✧✧✧ Try out hilarious face morphing and amuse yourself!
Animal Face Photo Montage is a simple, but miraculous photo editor which allows you to edit pictures using faceinhole templates where you can insert your own head and create a humorous “photo prank” which all of your friends will adore! This comic “animal face app” is a totally professional photo manipulation tool that both boys and girls can use to perform free photo montage even when they're offline! How cool is that?! Can you turn into a buffalo or an elephant? Or maybe a dog, cat, or a funny monkey? Of course you can, this “face changer” makes it possible for you! Those, and many more animal templates are waiting, check out each of the frames and blend two images for amazing “face swap”!
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If you like creating picture montages and are crazy about “animal games”, this animal head swap app is a perfect tool for you! Equip your Android™ device with Animal Face Photo Montage app, and start a laughable photo morphing – blend two pictures together, the one of an animal you chose, and your own selfie, and the “face morph” will create such a montage that you will get a bunch of likes on social networks. Collage makers and caption writers for adding text on pics are outdated editors, blending two pictures is now in, and if you can blend “funny animal faces” with your own, not even online photo editing can compete with this “photo montage maker”!
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Do you need a fun photo booth to make animal montages free of charge and with no effort? This “face in hole photo editor” is here to allow you do that, check it out and use it as a photo blender to merge your head with some animal face makeup. Photo montage online requires constant connection, but this animal face photo app works wherever you are, download now and you will soon proclaim it your best picture editing software. Choose a photo montage template with funny animals from this free picture editor, insert your selfie picture, and adjust the frames and effects. Set your montage as a wallpaper, use as a fb profile picture, or simply send to your bff! Download “Animal Face Photo Montage” and enjoy creating animal pictures!